WordPowers 34%-60% of the Internet

Depending on how you measure it WordPress websites represent 34% of all web content – or 60% of all websites that use a content management system. Regardless of which way you prefer to look at it, no other system even comes close.

These statistics were reported by Venture Beat in March of 2018:

For small businesses looking to build a website, there is a choice to be made but mostly it is between WORDPRESS.COM and WORDPRESS.ORG.

That is, if you are a small business looking at building an online brochure you are probably going to choose between one of the 2 flavours of WORDPRESS.

For those wanting to build an online store you’ll either look at WORDPRESS.ORG or SHOPIFY.

If you’re looking for a simple brochure with the capability for the occasional blog post, WORDPRESS.COM – the hosted version of WORDPRESS has everything you’ll probably want. You can register a domain name, set up a GMAIL / GSUITE account with your email addresses linked to your domain – all for an affordable monthly price.

There is no need to deal with an annoying IT specialist who typically try to blind you with complexities in order to justify high support costs.

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