Cloud Storage

Used intelligently cloud management systems can be the foundation of a modern distributed information system that facilitates remote collaboration with customers, staff and service providers.
CITRIX SHAREFILE is an excellent alternative for CPA firms and others with more sophisticated needs


It offers a number of advantages over the other 3 services, but might be overkill for most small businesses:

  • virtual drive capability offering immediate access with little or no local storage
  • client portal capability
  • granular user control
  • exhanced security
  • branding capability

The Big 3

There are a great many alternatives that are serviceable cloud storage solutions for small business – these 3 services are some of the most popular


Like many accounting practitioners, we end up working with cloud storage solutions favoured by our clients. Since a number of our clients use Dropbox, we ended up getting a license.

One of the nicest features is the ability to have immediate access to all your Dropbox files – with taking up valuable disk storage space on your PC.

the sync feature allows you to store and access files locally without taking up disk space

Today we have 17.8 gigabytes of client files stored in Dropbox – which takes up only 448 kilobytes on my solid state drive. That also means that it takes much less time to synchronize data when booting up – or when setting up a new PC.


WINDOWS 10 comes with ONEDRIVE. If like us you also have an OFFICE 365 subscription, you’re entitled to 1 TB (terrabyte) of online storage.

Syncing to your local hard drive will take up space on your hard drive, which can be an issue if your PC has a solid state drive (“SSD”) with limited capacity. Personally I use an ACER SWITCH 12 which comes with a 128 GB SSD and a micro SD card slot. I opt to put ONEDRIVE and GOOGLE on the SD card and preserve the main storage for files that are backed up automatically to the cloud.

One of the best features of ONEDRIVE is the capability to easily embed documents in a WORDPRESS.COM website.


If you use GMAIL you get 15 GB free. With a domain you get 30 GB….and you can purchase more –

There are other reasons to use GOOGLE DRIVE – primarily we use it because many of our clients use it – and the online collaboration is excellent.

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